Make Ancient Egyptian Collars with Paper Plates


This project is ideal for: four to ten year olds Children will learn: the significance of ancient Egyptian collars; about shapes and symmetry Pin it for later here Introduction This simple art project was inspired by last week’s lesson in which we discussed a tomb painting depicting an ancient Egyptian family. As seen in the painting, the Egyptians […]

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Art History for Kids: The Egyptian Family

Hunting Fowl in the Marshes, artist unknown, around 1350 BC, British Museum, London

This is the second lesson in the Art History Summer Snack series. I hope you and your kids enjoyed the first post on Matisse and his playful cutouts. Today we’re learning a little about ancient Egypt. Note to parents and teachers: the information and questions below can be presented to the child by an adult, or read […]

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Matisse Art Project: Playdough and Paper Collages


Earlier in the week I brought you this Matisse art history lesson. Did you share it with your children, and if so, how did they respond? I’ve since been observing more of Matisse’s famous cutouts with our kids and we felt inspired to make our own. Our four and six year old are very keen […]

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Art History Summer Snack for Kids: Henri Matisse

The Sadness of the King (La Tristesse du Roi) Henri Matisse, 1952, Pompidou Center, Paris

I wasn’t sure which masterpiece to highlight in my first art history summer snack so I consulted the experts: our children. We flipped through an art history book and I asked them to choose a work of art they would like to discuss. All three were drawn to Matisse’s The Sadness of the King. If this […]

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